The Weeknd at the Juno Awards  in  Canada this year

The Weeknd Tour 2015

One of the R&B worlds top performers is ready to head back out on the road. The Weeknd tour 2015 will showcase this artists signature soulful sounds. There aren’t going to be that many shows this time around. The beginning of his beauty behind the madness concerts will be in November. In the last show is scheduled for just before January. That only gives you a few months to be able to see this amazing singer. Be sure to check out all of the scheduled dates right underneath this description. We constantly keep this list up to date with any new shows that he adds.

The man behind The Weeknd moniker, Abel Tesfaye, is one of the worlds fastest rising stars. Unlike many other artists in the industry today, he didn’t burst onto the scene with a record contract from a big-name recording label. Instead he did everything himself by first putting out some of his songs onto the popular video website YouTube. It was here that his music gained its first fans. And let me tell you the fans on YouTube ate it up! He didn’t stop with just a few initial YouTube releases though, he kept on putting out new tracks until 2011, all on YouTube for free.

After he had a good amount of fans on the video website he went ahead and released a bunch of mix tapes. These tapes were well loved by critics and fans alike, and the only served to continue to spread his legend. It was with this solid foundation of YouTube and mix tape fans that he finally took the plunge into an official studio release. He called his CD trilogy. It was a compilation of all of the songs that he had already put out through his mix tapes and free website releases. On some of the tracks, the new reduction values from the official release were so much better from his homemade songs that you might think they were entirely new songs!

In addition to all of the old remixed songs, he also had a bunch of new tracks that he never put out through any other medium. Thanks to all of the time and dedication has been putting in for the past years, this gave him the chance to release a true album to the mainstream market. He called this brand-new album kiss land, and it exploded his popularity even more thanks to a bunch of extremely popular singles that the album contained. Not only were fans ecstatic about this polished debut release, he also tour the Billboard charts.

From this album alone he had a ton of singles break into the top three. Turned it, where’s my face, and the mountains were all tracks that broke out as rising stars shooting to the apex of the Billboard hot song charts. He set a new record by taking the top three slots on these charts all at once! This all new The Weeknd tour 2015 is just about to get underway. This guy is also not new to hitting the road. He’s gone on concerts in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He’s going to continue this trend this year as well. The reason is pretty clear why he’s going to play live performances again for the current year. It’s because his album, which is his third official studio album, the beauty behind the madness has just been released.

By playing shows in America, he will surely gain more fans and bring tons of attention to himself. Some of the dates are still far away, so this is a great chance for you to pick up tickets to shows. If you wait until the dates draw to near, the prices are not only going to be high, but you’ll be lucky if there are even any seats left at all!